The Environment is a Very Hot Topic

Everyone has a view on the environment nowadays and how it seems to be changing dramatically before our eyes, with huge impacts on such things as the weather around the globe and how this is affecting daily life on our planet. I agree that things do appear to be changing, but I don’t agree with how all these changes are being grouped together under the awful and all encompassing title of global warming. There are many different factors that affect how our planet behaves and it is certainly more complex than many of our leaders and politicians would make us believe.

Time for a Fresh Perspective

  • In this blog, I’d like to discuss some of the many environmental issues we are facing and introduce some new ways of looking at the bigger picture, as well as suggesting some simple ways we can all be more effective at saving our planet.
  • Of course there will always be alternative views and counter-views, so I would hope this can also be a platform to have open and lively discussion on all sides.

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